IT Staffing

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IT Staff Augmentation

Our dedicated / extended team services are a tried-and-true, cost-effective approach expanding the size and effectiveness of their core IT teams in a short period of time. We assemble a conveniently placed, highly qualified, creative, flexible and delivery oriented of the Elite 1% of Professionals who integrate with your current team.


  • Cost effective
  • Top 1% talent
  • Reduced hiring time
  • Maintain oversight & control
  • Flexibility to ramp up and down

Dedicated Team

  • Front End engineers: Responsible for developing the “visible” part of the project, these professionals are the ones who code and test user interface elements and functionality.
  • Backend engineers: These are the experts who take care of everything that happens backstage. In other words, they focus on developing the inner logic and the background components.
  • Cloud Engineers: Who will be responsible for keeping the infrastructure up and running.
  • QA engineers: These professionals are in charge of the quality of the entire development lifecycle. They don’t just ensure that the product is as bug-free as possible but also that the processes used to build it have optimal quality
  • UX/UI designers: They are responsible for ensuring that the user experience is intuitive, simple, and engaging.
  • Security Analysts: our experienced professionals who will do the regular testing and identify vulnerabilities to keep the environment safe from breaches
  • DevOps engineers: Professionals that work with the developers on the team to better coordinate development, operations, and testing efforts.
  • Business analysts: They serve as bridges between the IT team and the business, evaluating processes, determining requirements, and offering suggestions and reports to executives.
  • Project managers: The leaders of the development team, they initiate, plan, design, execute, and monitor the entire development process.