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About Ipromsys

A data driven Project Management platform for Engineering, Supply Chain, Cost Management, Construction Management, Commissioning & Handover phases of projects

iProMSys is an integrated project management system to track and report real-time project progress and key performance indicators for multi-sector business lines, with seamless user friendly interface on a central platform.

It operates on a set of core applications for capturing the key project management data across the project phases. It is further complimented with supporting applications capturing additional functional elements.

Core Applications

The Core Apps are designed to be utililized as a full suite for overall project integration. The minimum required modules are Personnel Management & Timesheets.

The product is designed to integrate with client’s in-house systems and industry third-party tools to have single-source of information for real-time reporting. This includes

  • Personnel Management
  • Timesheets Management
  • Deliverables & Progress Management
  • and a lot more, coming soon!

Supporting Applications

The Supporting Apps are designed to be utililized with Core Apps or as indepent modules. Explore options such as Project Peer Review, Document Management and many more.

This includes

  • Project Peer Reviews
  • Document Management
  • Interface management
  • And a lot more!

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A flexible subscription-based model assisting our clients to subscribe for initial requirements and there after extending the subscription comprising of the overall integrated project management platform

We understand businesses have unique project management requirements.

HiProServ also undertakes project management consultancy services, to enable your business to streamline projects for maximum efficiency.